Chevron working with communities and partners to promote economic development

economic development

working with communities and partners to make social investments in programs that promote self-sufficiency, job growth and economic development

promoting small enterprise

Small and medium-sized businesses drive economic growth and job creation in any community. We believe helping to develop these businesses contributes to the overall prosperity of the communities where we work. We help entrepreneurs by supporting business development and incubator programs, funding job skills training, and providing access to credit and markets.

empowering women in latin america

Many of Chevron’s economic development projects focus on promoting equality and economic empowerment for women. We partner with local nonprofits and nongovernmental organizations to provide women with financial education and job training. We believe that when women are empowered, whole families see the benefits, and we think those benefits have positive effects upon future generations.

empowering women in Myanmar

Over the last 15 years, Chevron has partnered with Pact in Myanmar to better the lives of more than a million adults and children through improved access to healthcare, sanitation and electricity; microfinance training for women; and the establishment of more than 1,500 Village Development Funds. Chevron’s $9 million commitment catalyzed an additional $10 million commitment from other organizations. Learn more about our community programs at

how we're supporting entrepreneurs around the world

In Kazakhstan, Chevron supports a range of initiatives designed to promote self-sufficiency, job growth and economic development.

Through the I-SEED (Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship and Education) program, in partnership with the British Council, Chevron is helping equip social entrepreneurship pioneers with the skills, knowledge and support network (local and international) needed to create sustainable solutions to social problems faced by their communities.

Over the last five years, approximately 1,700 young people from Almaty, Astana, Tekeli and Yerementau have taken part in the project and implemented more than 50 social projects that impact the wider communities . Thirteen participants have businesses, and five are already active social entrepreneurs creating employment opportunities for others. I-SEED has been shared with the Ministry of Education and the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs to be rolled out to more classrooms across Kazakhstan.

In 2017, I-SEED continued to extend its reach to Atyrau, where Chevron, in cooperation with its Kazakhstani and international partners, is implementing the Atyrau Youth Development Initiative (AYDI). Through the AYDI, the world-class Passport to Success course, implemented by the International Youth Foundation, has helped more than 4,000 students develop life skills and has enabled more than 2,000 students to take science, technology, engineering and math courses. In addition, Chevron’s first international Fab Lab is providing the next generation with an innovative platform to learn, invent and create prototypes.

In Astana and Almaty, Chevron partners with the U.S. Mission to Kazakhstan to develop and maintain MakerSpaces. These enable students and other community members interested in computers, technology, and the digital and creative arts to meet and collaborate.

In the past 10 years, Chevron Venezuela has supported approximately 14,000 people with its entrepreneurship programs. Emprered – aimed at providing structured training to owners of small and start-up businesses to enable them to transform a good idea into a successful business – is our flagship program in the region. Chevron complements the program’s economic development initiatives with support to indigenous women in the art of craft making and support to women who are victims of abuse.

In Indonesia, our local business development program, launched in 2001 in East Kalimantan, Riau and West Java, has resulted in more than 7,800 contracts with local Indonesian companies, created nearly 52,000 jobs, procured more than $120 million in goods and services from our partners

In 2019, Cabinda Gulf Oil Co. Ltd will continue to support the elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV in the province of Cabinda by strengthening the institutional capacity of government institutions, the Maria Imaculada Counseling Center, the Provincial Program to Fight AIDS, and the Provincial Maternal and Child Health Program through the implementation of behavioral change communication, the Peer Educators approach, provision of infant formula (milk and cereals) for exposed children up to 2-years-old, and implementation of the District Health Information System to manage all the indicators related to pregnant women and exposed babies.